Using Scrum: Sprints not Marathons

by Andrew on July 26, 2009

Since my post outlining my plans for IWMW 2009 I have taken quite a different direction.  My plans to run a 15 minute Lego exercise have grown so that now we will have 4 teams using Scrum to build a farm.  I didn’t expect the bulk of my preparation for this workshop to involve asking friends and colleagues if they have any Lego I can borrow.  Thankfully my Mum kept my childhood Lego collection!

Lego Farmer, wife and livestock

The IWMW organisers have asked people to consider using a Creative Commons license for their slides.  This made me think, why not release all the resources I have created for this workshop? People would then be able to run the workshop themselves and demonstrate the main concepts of Scrum to development teams, managers or clients.

A workshop like this could help if you want to start using Scrum. At a glance Scrum can seem to advocate chaos in teams, but when you’ve experienced it you realise this isn’t the case.  The people who have trialled this workshop have said that the exercise shows how Scrum can help you make realistic commitments and plans.

At the end of his post I have included a couple of story cards which are part of the exercise. I’ll release everything after IWMW 2009.  The priority and story points are empty as the whole group will be estimating each story before the building begins.

Pig story card

Tractor trailer story card

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