Flowplayer splash image with FFmpeg

by Andrew on September 1, 2009

At work we’ve been using the wordTube and wordTube Flowplayer plugins to add video to our news.  We had some old videos we wanted to include so I used FFmpeg to generate a splash image for each one.  I applied the same command to all the videos which meant the images was taken from the same frame.  This was a bit hit and miss, people with their eyes closed or fading captions isn’t what we wanted.  For those videos we resorted to screen captures and Photoshop.

It’s clear that for the best results someone needs to select the part of the video which will be used for the splash image.  I thought that I would use the Flowplayer javascript api to pass the size and frame information to FFmpeg when the video is paused.  I have put together this proof of concept and it seems to work well, but I do have one small issue that I need to resolve.

It would be nice to integrate this with wordTube so that instead of uploading an image or giving a URL you could generate one directly from the video.  Perhaps I’ll have a go.

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